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Backlash continues in response to religious war against women

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To The Daily Sun,
The misogynist and religious war against women is not going well at all. Time and time again, tea party plagued states pass unconstitutional laws regarding abortion and family health care clinics. The strategy is to close as many clinics as possible and limit pregnancy termination to 20 weeks. Sometimes 18. Unfortunately for the puritanical party, that time frame is unconstitutional after Roe v. Wade. After the tea party rode into power on economic platforms, once in power, the Trojan Horse's doors opened at night and all the screaming religious banshees took to the legislative halls throughout America. Wars against women, workers, and voters were declared. Seven of 10 support Roe v. Wade so many were aghast as the minions of the religious right assaulted the laws protecting a woman's right to choose. And the clinics. But alas, the Imams, Ayatollahs and Mullahs of the Christian right are now being tarred, feathered and pilloried. Right wing abortion laws have been struck down by the courts in eleven states in the last year: Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, Arizona, North Carolina, Kansas. Idaho, Texas (2011), Idaho, Arkansas, and North Dakota. Furthermore, a federal court has ruled that emergency contraception must be made available over the counter for all ages.
Many of these cases will eventually end up at the U.S. Supreme Court where a 5-4 majority ruling against the laws is a likely outcome on most of these various restrictive laws. It all depends on Justice Kennedy really. But Roberts could be a surprise, too. After Oklahoma appealed, the court sent a list of questions regarding their blocked RU-486 ban. So, it has begun and we progressives and moderates hope for an outcome as uplifting as the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings which crushed the tea party and the religious right.
In related matters, a Reagan-appointed judge struck down the use of anti-abortion license plates in North Carolina because pro-choice ones were not also offered by the state. And a Louisiana abortion doctor liability law designed to drive abortion providers out of practice was also struck down.
So all in all, things are looking up as the backlash continues against the Christian Sharia.
James Veverka