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Women's section of county jail is accident waiting to happen

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To The Daily Sun,
You article referring to the proposed county correctional facility seems to be lacking and missing some very valid points. Headlining the article as a "new county jail" may just lead people to believe it's going to be a jail. That might certainly, in my opinion, prejudice people who weren't at the Belknap County Commission presentation when Ricci/Greene Associates presented their findings and recommendations for the proposed new correctional Facility.
To say that Republicans don't have the votes for the new correctional facility is also giving us a skewed picture based on the quotes within the article. Were just three of those on the convention interviewed for this article? There were other representatives on the convention who agreed wholeheartedly with the presentation and what is needed now. How much more money will be "wasted" on studies to determine that the present building should be torn down?
In my opinion, it might be more accurate to say that the presentation by the warden, gave a very grim view of the present state of the building, to those of us present in very clear, in-depth and concise terms couldn't have been more to the point. Sounds more as if we are perfectly content to go back to the times of 'Les Miserables', 'Devil's Island' (movie: 'The Great Escape'), 'The Man in the Iron Mask', 'Don Quixote' and 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens.
Is the convention willing to take us back to a time when we treated those who are incarcerated in such inhuman conditions? At the meeting it sure sounded as if the present facility has numerous code violations to make it just about impossible to be "housed" or work there. It also sounded as if the present facility is not just about ready to fall down, but should and must be torn down in the near future.
Would those members of the convention, who are against moving ahead with plans, want one of their family members to be housed in such deplorable conditions? How has the facility passed INSPECTIONS over the years? Sounds like a potential death trap to me!
The womens' section upstairs is just an accident or death waiting to happen. Are those representatives who are against building another correctional facility that callous as to the needs of the guards, other staff and the inmates?
We don't treat our beloved pets in a manner such as was described that night. Why in the world would we treat human beings in such a disgraceful manner or disregard?
Bernadette Loesch