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All liberal/progressive ideas end up in one place - bankruptcy

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To The Daily Sun,
Elvis hasn't been spotted in the Lakes Region lately but Leo Sandy has. The old, sly dog is back. He has been seen in The Daily Sun writing under the pen name George Maloof. On Tuesday George spread a most distilled version of "Sandy fertilizer". George's conclusions: OLD FOLKS are stupid, gullible, dreamers while the LIBERAL MIND burns BRILLIANTLY. This lunacy logic is Leo Sandy reincarnated to perfection. Leo spent years trying to convince us his advanced, academic mind had reached the stratosphere. The only person who ever believed that was Leo as he sputtered out donkey dopey to the unsuspecting masses. I write to The Sun far less frequently now, feeling far less need to offset the weight of words written by a man never wanting to defend his beliefs in a head-to-head debate using at least one fact. Not unlike most academics. After a year free from Leo's insanity, an imitator now appears. Quick, somebody do a head count at the asylum. Maybe it really is Leo writing under a pen name.
Some thoughts to George Maloof  or Leo) about, liberals, progressives and Democrats.
Democrats have claimed for a century to be the advocates and protectors of the poor and less fortunate — most loudly at election time to buy their vote. Since FDR, Democrats have enacted one whirly gig, jerry-rigged social contraption after another under the donkey PROMISE to the poor and less fortunate they would bring equality. From FDR ,JFK, LBJ to Clinton, America has had "New Deals" shoved down its throat and New Societies shoved down its throat. The same with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and disability insurance. Illustrating the absolute wackiness of the liberal mind, Obama even offered government cash for your old clunker. Why not $50 for your old girlfriend. I ask George just how have all those Democratic JALOPIES worked out that liberals were one hundred percent dead sure would make our society better, equal, secure and prosperous. The answer is every cock-a -ma-mi idea liberals have ever FANTASIZED about and enacted since FDR have FAILED and floundered as miserably as any could.
TODAY, we have record numbers of people on welfare... FORTY SEVEN MILLION of them. If they were 50 feet apart the last one of them would step off on to the moon. Obama says "no need to LOOK for A JOB" to collect what are tens of billions in handouts from taxpayers. Welfare recipients now collect longer than any time in our history. We have the same percentage of the population working TODAY as there was in 1983 in good part because we have made NOT WORKING so attractive. The long-term jobless over six months are at record numbers. Our economy under Obama has seen the slowest recovery out of recession in almost 100 years. We have over SIXTEEN TRILLION in debt, headed a lot higher. Our credit rating was lowered UNDER OBAMA the first in our history. We chopped loan rates to college students for years. The federal government has thrown endless billions to education. The states have thrown hundreds of millions more to education. Still, tuitions never stop rising and student debt never stops rising with those increases. It now stands at ONE TRILLION, another history record. Student defaults are at record percentages, accompanied by failing academic success nationwide. All while there is TODAY LESS MONEY transferred to the lowest quintile of society today by government that there was 60 years ago. Social Security and Medicare are both insolvent. Medicare has unfunded liabilities going forward of over FORTY TRILLION dollars and Medicaid is pushing many states to the brink of insolvency, crowding out all other spending. One has only to look around the globe to see where the liberal, progressive agenda ends from Greece to Italy to Portugal to Spain. I can sum it up in ONE WORD, GEORGE, if it is beyond your scope of comprehension. That word is BANKRUPT — the same place all liberal/progressive ideas end for the people and countries that follow them. EVERY ONE goes bankrupt. Remind us all again, George, just how wonderful and successful the liberal agenda has been at reducing the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. That will happen when donkeys fly.
Tony Boutin