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12 students receiving total of $14k in Nate Bobcock scholarships

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To The Daily Sun,
The Nathan J. Babcock Memorial Scholarship Fund awards post-secondary scholarships to students who have graduated from Laconia or Gilford high schools, to help continue their education. Awards are based only on each student's daily acts of kindness and compassion they have done throughout their lives. Students earn a Nate Scholarship by showing they have made extra efforts to help make this world a better place. Grades and family income are not considered by the Nate Board of Directors, only what each student has done to help others!
This spring the Nathan J. Babcock Memorial Scholarship Fund received 61 applications from recent and past grads of the two high schools. This was the most applications we have ever received, and it took the Nate Board quite some time to fairly evaluate each application on its merits. We are very pleased to announce that 12 students received Nathan J. Babcock Scholarships, with 10 students being recent graduates of either Laconia or Gilford, and two students already enrolled in college. The total amount given out this year was $14,000 dollars, bringing the last five year total to almost $80,000 awarded to local students for their good deeds!
The Nathan J. Babcock Memorial Scholarship Fund is very pleased to announce this years' recipients. From Gilford High School, Molly Dietrich, Emily Arnold, Dakota Clarke, and Katherine Hughes, were award winners. From Laconia High School, Rebecca Mitchell, Gwendolyn Huot, Hannah Fortson, Jasmine Blais, Kaitlyn Bailey, and Anita Pesa, took home scholarships. Two college students also impressed us very much — Amanda Bridge and Rachel Geltz — and were awarded scholarships! Congratulations to these wonderful role models, and to the many great applicants that will lead this generation into the future with their good works!
It is very important to remember that the Nathan J. Babcock Scholarship Board is made up of 10 individuals, who all score each application without the knowledge of who the applicants are. This is done to eliminate any conflict of interest that may exist, to ensure the best possible integrity for the Nate Fund. It is also very important to note that the Nate Fund would not exist without the support of The Milligan Family, and the Milligan Memorial Golf Tournament. Their kindness and concern for our cause is absolutely fantastic, and does demonstrate with their actions how much they care and help!! Thank you so very much Jerry, Barbara, Tom, Michelle and Katie Milligan! The Francoeur /Babcock Memorial Basketball Tournament is also a big help in raising funds for our scholarship, and we thank all the Tournament volunteers for their continued efforts on our behalf! And finally, thank you so much to the Board of Directors of the Nate Fund, you are very much appreciated and really do a great job!
Jim Babcock, President
Nathan J. Babcock
Memorial Scholarship Fund