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That 90% figure includes people like me & I'm with Sen. Ayotte

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To The Daily Sun,
After reading the letter from Dick Devens of Center Sandwich I feel forced to ask, "what planet does he reside on?" If background checks aren't required to purchase firearms, as he suggests, what the *$^# is that paperwork that I have to fill out when I purchase one. Apparently the owners of gun shops and auctioneers etc. just like to waste their time and ours filling out this paperwork and then just trash it and apparently the time they spend on the phone with NICS they're talking about the weather and that night's dinner plans. I have to assume that Mr. Devens is another unknowing know-it-all who can't resist putting in his two cents even though they're worthless.
The bill that was killed in the U.S. Senate deserved to be killed because it did nothing to improve on the laws that we have. The bill that Sen. Ayotte and others introduced would have made improvements on our present laws but the leftists in Washington wanted to push through their feel good one, knowing that it wouldn't pass, so they could then demean the people who voted against it.
The 90 percent figure that the left loves to quote includes myself and others like me who abhor the misuse of firearms but included in that number are many more who don't have a clue about the subject. If progressive judges would uphold the laws that are in place and prosecute them instead of letting them plea to lesser charges the perps just might find that breaking the law has a serious effect on their lives.
Dave Schwotzer