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Medicaid money has already been set aside for us to use

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To The Daily Sun,
Medicaid expansion is important to all of us. The federal government, which has demonstrated a time-honored commitment to Medicaid since 1965, has agreed to pay 100 percent of the cost for the expansion for the first three years and 90 percent every year after that. The Lewin Group estimates that 58,000 more low-income adults will benefit from affordable, quality health coverage as a result of Medicaid expansion.
This is a program that benefits New Hampshire. This program would be a win/win; there is something in this for everyone. Previously uninsured individuals and families would get the coverage that they so desperately need and by reducing their reliance on the emergency room for health care, which is both inefficient and very expensive; all taxpayers will save money.
The Lewin group estimates that $2.5 billion in federal funds would be injected into the N.H. economy between 2014 and 2020, which would create 700 new jobs and boost salaries giving families more disposable income to spend on consumer goods instead of medical bills.
This money has already been set aside for our use. If we do not take it, another state will. Currently, New Hampshire sends more tax dollars to Washington, D.C. than we get back. Accepting the federal funds to expand Medicaid would help to ensure we are getting our fair share of services for our money.
Paul Blackford