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If you favor national gun owner database you're living in wrong place

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To The Daily Sun,
Are you in favor of having a background check done when some one is buying a gun? I think most people would agree to that. The real fact is that all gun buyers already do need to get checked out by the police every time they buy a gun at a gun store. If some one wants to sell a gun to a total stranger in a private sale, they have the responsibility to take reasonable care that the buyer is not a "prohibited person". It is a crime to knowingly provide a weapon to someone who is not supposed to have one. They have the option to go with that person to a gun store and perform a background check. But most of the time such transfers are done between people who know each other, or can provide documentation of their good character. The first rule is that they be a legal resident of New Hampshire and must be 18 years old for a long gun or 21 for a handgun. Another good sign would be that they already were a gun owner that had passed a police check before. The best credential of all would be a License to Carry Loaded and Concealed, which shows that this individual had been fully vetted by the police recently. The thing is that many people buying a gun in a gun store are being checked out over and over, redundantly, at times clogging up the instant check system and wasting police resources that could be better directed toward actual criminal activity. In some states, a gun buyer only needs to show their License to Carry, and then can skip the instant check system. I think that this could work very well in New Hampshire.
The only way we could ever have 100 percent police checks on every single gun transfer would be to have a data base of every single firearm that exists in the United States, and track who has which. Now, if you would be in favor of that, you are living in the wrong country.
There are those people coming here from other states trying to scare us into enacting more restrictions on gun transfers. Did you know that our state has the 48th lowest rate of violent crime in the whole country? This statistic comes from the U.S. Census Bureau. The only states with a lower rate of violent crime are our neighbors Vermont and Maine, both with relaxed attitudes about gun ownership as we have. Contrast that with the crime rate of New York state which is 20th and has three times the murder, robbery and violence that we do. Don't you think that those places should mind their own business and clean up their own problems? Our systems are clearly working for us. Let's not mess with success.
Alan Moon