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One needs compassioin, understanding & tolerance of all people

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To The Daily Sun,
"Why do liberals cling so tenaciously to their deck of race cards?'
I will try to answer and in turn address some of your concerns in Mr. Wiles letter written to the Laconia Daily Sun, published on Thursday, June 27.
1) I watched the daily coverage during and after the time period of when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. It's recorded on the police tapes that Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher to "stay in your vehicle and await the arrival of law enforcement".
2) The Police Chief of Sanford, Florida resigned from his position as a result of his handling of the subsequent arrest and follow-up investigation of the shooting.
3) Your reference to racial equality in this country, according to who?
a) The recent Supreme Court decision in Shelby County, Alabama vs. Holder, Attorney General which declared the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unconstitutional?
b) Or the constant and ongoing "Gerrymandering" of voting districts?
c) Many individual state governors changing "vote by mail" criteria?
d) Shortening days and hours involved in order to register for voting?
e) Requesting voters to produce I.D. in order to vote at the polls?
One need not be to the Left or Right, one needs compassion, understanding and tolerance for ALL human beings. Your references and quotes from the media coverage of the Zimmerman trial are taken out of context. Why? To what end? May I suggest that we watch the media coverage of the Zimmerman trial each day. Oh wait, we cannot do that here in N.H. May I then suggest a trip to Florida in order to watch the daily coverage free from misleading and distorted media "bites".
We have to allow the judicial process to take its course. We have to keep informed and keep an open mind before we allude to the ideas of riots as a result of perceived injustice on either side of this trial.
Bernadette Loesch