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Many who complain about what's wrong are living the good life

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To The Daily Sun,
I would like to thank G.W. Brooks for his letter written June 27 in The Daily Sun. There are those who live the good life in this country but continue to complain about it on almost a daily basis.
I celebrated Memorial Day this year by visiting again the traveling Vietnam wall in North Haverill, N.H. My first viewing was was years ago in Meredith. I took with me a copy of a Life magazine dated June 27, 1969.The headline reads THE FACES OF THE AMERICAN DEAD IN VIETNAM — ONE WEEK'S TOLL. The magazine has photos of each one of the those killed that week. I made a list of two I knew, plus three from N.H. who died that week. This article covers the week of May 28 to June 3, 1969, which would have been Memorial Day week 44 years ago. I visited the three N.H. troopers, plus the two I knew. Later, as I sat in the bleachers, I listened to the guest speakers tell of their experiences and staring at the wall, the tears came. I felt great praise for those who answered their countries call to serve, whether they agreed with it or not. The speakers told of their year or years they spent in "NAM". The anger they spoke about was the welcome home they received. I will skip the rest of this part of the story as everyone knows what happened to us on returning "HOME".
I, as a career soldier, served 2.5 years in Vietnam, a year before that in Thailand. I know next to nothing about those who continue to write letters of a negative attitude about most everything wrong with this country. What I can tell is that some of them are well educated, are living the good life our fighting men and women fought and died to keep. It would be enlightening to me if they would explain just once what they have done for this country and just what they have done to make it better. I, as have millions of others, have spent parts of our lives on foreign soil and greatly appreciate the country we live in. I will always wonder if those who are protesting today were part of the group that made life miserable for us when we returned home. It is well known that less than 1 percent of Americans serve in the military, so the least you can do is show some respect to those that do. To those who have served THANK YOU AND WELCOME HOME
Henry Osmer