Thank you for brightening the center of my native Laconia

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To The Daily Sun,
It's unusual for me to address my personal feelings in a public format. But, as a lifetime resident as well as an employee of a downtown business, I can't help but express my sincere appreciation for the beauty that explodes outside my office window and envelopes me as I run my errands. Not since visiting Chicago in 2009 with its widespread display of plantings along Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park have I been so struck by such a beautiful landscape — and all without a 10.5 percent sales tax!
With typical Yankee energy and determination mixed with modern technology, a dedicated group of business owners embraced our "Made in America" chant. They secured contributions from like-minded citizens, near and far (Canada, Texas) and were able to replace our foreign-made flags and add a myriad of baskets and barrels that simply cannot be missed.
Our little village rallied and I say "thank you" for brightening the city center. Our community has shown that we too are "Laconia Strong" and I am one proud native.
Claire L. Hebert
Community Relations Coordinator
Melcher & Prescott Insurance