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Green energy isn't even a top 20 concern of the American people

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To The Daily Sun,
It's been a very busy week for news here in the last month of June. Lots of distractions, lots of hard news, lots of everything.
Speaking of news, I heard the president give his speech on green energy the other day. He's going to do, through executive orders, what he couldn't get Congress to do. No wonder Congress didn't want any part of his plan, because it will again raise the costs of energy for all Americans. To Obama's credit he did warn us that he was going to make the cost of energy sky-rocket. The only promise he's kept? Now I don't know about rich folks but as for my wife and myself, we're retired and on fixed income, so when the cost of electricity goes up we notice it. Obama has doubled the cost of gas and heating oil since he first came into power; now we can expect it to go up again, and by executive order, swell! Hail Caesar!
Funny thing though, from what I read, green energy isn't even in the top 20 concerns of the American people. Jobs and the economy top the list and though the green supporters keep telling us how many new jobs and business's will be created seems the promises keep falling far short of the reality. Now, I'd have nothing against green energy if it cost/worked at least as well and as conventional energy but it just doesn't. If it did people would be going for it in much greater numbers then we now see, that's just how it is.
And speaking of the president's speech I hear some saying it was timed to distract we simple folks from the cascade of scandals engulfing the administration. Oh did you hear, another Obama stooge took the fifth at the congressional hearings the other day. Its beginning to remind me of the old organized crime hearings years back. ("Aint nobody knows nutten. I don't recall any tinge bout dat. Nah, I don't memba nutten.")
Ah, the good old days when lying to Congress was actually a serious felony. Today it's the national past time of crooked political hacks who's backs are covered by the attorney general and the president himself. Hail Caesar!
Steve Earle