Ayotte easily swayed just so she can be part of the Senate club

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To The Daily Sun,
I saw your recent photo regarding the bike/car accident on Union Avenue in the June 28 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun. This may be the second accident recorded. I'm sure there were more that was not recorded. How many more will there be before something gets done?
I have proposed changing the old Lake Shore railroad bed that runs along Paugus Bay between the Laconia Water Works and the former Burger King property to a multi use walking/bike trail. This will provide a safe alternative to walk/bike from the WOW Trail to the walk/bike trail currently located behind MacDonald. I have mentioned this to a number of select persons and committee members of the WOW Trail. I have yet to get an affirmative answer.
I approached a number of businesses that borders the rail bed and they have expressed that it is a great idea. It makes good sense!
Rick Persons