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New immigration bill is an unread & misunderstood boondoggle

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To The Daily Sun,
Perhaps libertarianism isn't the best political system devised since the dawn of mankind. Then again, Jonah Goldberg brings up a very important point to those on the left (and yes, the right) who think it either hasn't worked or would never work. Seems it has never even been tried. Some of us may not agree with them on topics such as foreign policy and the war on drugs, as an example. But by enlarge, libertarianism comes the closest to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Jonah's recent column goes on to describe the inanity of the petulant progressives and their oxymoronic political belief system. For the past 100 years, they have asserted that statism, whether in the form of fascism, socialism or communism, is the wave of the future. Never mind that free market capitalism and our constitutional republic are a relatively new and still unfolding phenomenon. Never mind that statism in all it's forms has killed over one hundred million people, has been tried for thousands of years and failed every time. As Jonah notes in his clarion call for our leaders to follow the likes of John Locke, Adam Smith and Edmund Burke, small government freedom lovers tend to prosper, mistakes and all, while power drunk statists bring enslavement and murder. If there were any of today's Democrats that still drank from the trough of classical liberalism, they would naturally gravitate toward libertarianism which allows people maximum freedom and minimum government intrusion. Regrettably, most Republicans also avoid that same trough, having sipped from the same cup of establishment power politics. They too have found the elitist, utopian lifestyle an addiction too intoxicating to resist.
Steve Deace in a recent Townhall.com column alluded to the allegories in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". Specifically, the ring of power itself which symbolizes how power and control invariably lead to corruption in even the most well intentioned and respectable individuals. Or as Steve puts it, "even good people end up becoming monsters". He notes how libertarians have been warning us about "our partisan naivete about the nature of big government is coming home to roost". He refers to the Lord of the Rings and the evil Sauron, inspired by Lucifer who seeks to possess the ring in order to subdue all of Middle Earth. Now comes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (likely gearing up for a 2016 run), dedicated disciples of Saul Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals". Alinsky's 1971 community organizing treatise was coincidentally inspired by Lucifer. The devil you say? Okay, just take a gander at the machinations of the Clinton machine and the way the Obama administration has ignored the rule of law, intimidated and attacked his opponents. Shiver me timbers and blow me down, disagree with me and soon the IRS, the Department of Justice, the NSA and the EPA will be coming to town. And in exciting coming attractions, Agenda 21 and the new world order dictators may also soon be coming round with sustainable actions sure to tie us down.
Libertarians have been warning us of the evils of big, central planning, statists who inevitably become our fearful masters rather than our faithful servants. This new immigration bill is an unread and misunderstood illegal migration boondoggle that will not solve the problem, has been loaded with a generous portion of political pandering pork and gives Janet Napolitano far too much leverage and power. As the National Review reports, President Obama has decided to make "global warming "the new focus of his failing presidency. In his speech, he makes stuff up out of whole cloth about scientific consensus while ignoring the mountain of evidence discrediting the effect of man-made global warming on our environment. Why would he do that you say? Well yes, it is to create a distraction from the constellation of disasters created under his watch. However, National Review purports that our president is in effect, "directing the EPA to take over the American economy". Just check out his new emission standards, power plant retrofitting rules and heavy truck regulations. More subsidies to politically connected energy firms, federal lands being set aside for their use and impositions on the construction of factories, commercial buildings and private homes. They predict that every economic activity involving energy and transportation will be affected by the president's global warming program. In fact, they believe that this enormous growth of federal power will be even more significant than the health care takeover. Perhaps it is time to give libertarians a real shot in the political arena. Whadaya say Bernadette, L.J., Jon, Lynn, professor Cracraft and others who lean to the left? I mean seriously, how can you not have an open mind about such an auspicious political compromise, borne of some real diversity of thought and nourished with the true spirit of liberty.
Russ Wiles