Will you ever know how your state senator voted on phone deregulation?

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To The Daily Sun,
At election time we listen to a lot of presentations and promises made by the candidates for state senator and take that into consideration when casting our vote at election time.
I recently wanted to know how all 24 of our state senators voted on a an amendment, to a bill about electric renewable portfolio standard, which further deregulated telephone service in N.H. and eliminated the Public Utilities Commission authority to support customers who have a service problem with FairPoint.
Unfortunately It seems that the only way you can verify how your senator voted is if a roll call vote is taken and each senators vote is officially recorded. So far this year I have been told that only three roll call votes have been taken. If a voice vote is taken on a bill there is no record of who voted which way.
Do you know how your senator voted?
Wouldn't you like to know before the next election? Ask your senator!
Bill Whalen