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Wind turbines not synchronized, they can 'thump' together or not

  • Published in Letters
To The Daily Sun,
People from other wind farm communities continue to tell us "you don't want wind turbines in your community" They do not create local jobs, they will encroach on existing biomass and hydro plants, property values will decline, turbines will deter tourists, turbines are noisy and will be seen — day and night — for miles in every direction.
People live here, retire here, vacation here because of the natural beauty. I come here to breathe the fresh air and see the natural landscape from our family home. These proposed wind farms will forever ruin the beautiful views of the mountains I love.
Make no mistake about it — Mount Cardigan State Park is basically the only tourism draw for Alexandria. Your new neighbors (454-ft. - 500-ft. turbines) will significantly reduce your tourism levels and your property values. Four reasons why: noise, visual, safety, and essential character.
Wind turbines are not synchronized, they can "thump" together or separately, creating an unpredictable or chaotic acoustic pattern. Turbines will line your mountaintops and destroy the natural views. Turbines will be established on trails leading in and out of the park. Visitors that hike here will think twice about returning to this "industrial overlay".
This is pristine property — most of us bought property here for the peace and quiet and unobstructed views. These wind farms will change everything.
I am shocked that the State of New Hampshire is not fighting to protect the Lakes Regions — at all costs. Everything man does has an impact on the land. Blasting away mountaintops will have a direct effect on our waters below — and the waters below are our watershed.
Ray Cunningham