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Liberals can't comprehend difference between opinion & lie

  • Published in Letters
To The Daily Sun,
Starting out this week in The Sun, it appears I've been taken out to the wood shed once again by letters from Henry Osmer and L.J. Siden. Henry asks, what I have ever done for America? Well gee Henry, I'm sorry, but I just don't have a great long list of sterling accomplishments to present to you. The sorry fact is that I am very average, much like millions and millions of other average Americans. I have never done anything of great merit nor have I done anything of great disrepute. I'm just average, so by that measure do you judge that I have no right to an opinion or more importantly no right to express my opinions? Seems that tends to be the general feeling I get from you and many others on the left.
L.J. Siden appears to share a trait with Bernadette Loesch and others on the left — they fail to comprehend the difference between an opinion and a lie. Anyone who dares disagree with them must be lying. They allow for no other possibilities and in most instances they attribute this to racism. It's all nonsense of course.
L.J. makes his case that no one is trying or would be able to deny Americans their 2nd amendment rights, yet just a couple of months ago Diane Feinstein, on a Sunday morning TV show, said if she had the votes it would be turn them in Mr. and Mrs. America. She was talking about our guns, not big gulp drinks.
We have seen Obama's practice of circumventing Congress, selectively failing to enforce federal laws, stonewalling congressional hearings, violating laws and the civil rights of American people, using the power of federal agencies to harass and intimidate political opponents and generally acting like a potentate rather then the president of a republic. Because I point out these and other things L.J. labels my opinions as lies. He can't deny the facts of Obama's record so he resorts to the standard tactic of the left, character assassination. How pathetic.
Steve Earle