Work largely complete at top of M'borough Neck Pathway

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To The Daily Sun,
Those who travel the northern-most section of Moultonborough Neck Road, and certainly those who use that section of the Moultonborough Pathway, have
noticed the completion of repair/refit work on the pathway lane adjacent to both sides of the roadway. The section of the pathway affected by this work runs from where the pathway first enters from the area of the playground to the top of the hill south of the intersection with Green's Basin Road. The troublesome gravel strip separating the pathway from the roadway has been eliminated, and the pavement now covers the full width from roadway to the outer edge of the pathway itself. All that remains to be done on this section is repainting of lines separating the roadway from the pathway surface.
Similar repair/refit work will be done on key areas further down the Neck Road, but that effort will be held until September, after the peak summer traffic period. The work already done and to be done later will go a long way toward making use of the Pathway much safer.
The Moultonborough Pathway Association wishes to thank town road agent Scott Kinmond and his crew from the Moultonborough DPW/Highway Department for
their efforts in effecting this work.
Dick Russell, Treasurer
Moultonborough Pathway Association