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Ms. Loesch ignores facts that don't correspond to leftist agenda

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To The Daily Sun,
According to Bernadette Loache's letter of May 21, if someone states an opinion which differs from hers, it's a lie. Well Ms. Loache I don't lie, I give my opinion.
The facts, yes facts, I base my opinions on are well documented and reported even in the left wing media which you choose to ignore. The IRS did target conservative groups and citizens in a coordinated effort to violate their civil rights of free speech. The IRS was aided and abetted by the FBI, OSHA and BATF, along with half the rest of the federal agencies. These facts were admitted to under oath in congressional hearings. I don't expect Ms. Loache to recognize or acknowledge any of this because she is clearly a left-wing zealot without any sense of fairness or honesty. She will ignore facts which do not correspond to her leftist agenda, call those with opinions which differ from hers, lies, racists, red necks, bigots or any other derogatory name that comes to mind so as not to deal with the realities which she dare not address. Those realities are that the Obama administration engaged in illegal, unethical actions and lied under oath at congressional hearings (a crime). Ms Learner refused to testify under oath after declaring herself innocent of wrongdoing. Others stonewalled the hearings, claiming they didn't remember or didn't know, then later documents showed they did know.
Now Ms. Loache, if you don't like my gloom and doom attitude, I suggest you address your concerns to your democratic leaders and urge them to come clean and stop breaking laws and violating the Constitution. As for the right-wing news outlets, it might do you some good to listen in occasionally to Fox News where you will get to hear real news without any bias.
Steve Earle