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Got Lunch! Laconia has been lucky to attract wonderful partners

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To The Daily Sun,
As year #3 becomes well underway, we continue to be struck by the marvelous group of partners we have been lucky enough to attract. We have community members that are showing up to pack bags for the third consecutive summer in the basement of the Congregational Church downtown. Those folks cannot merely be described as volunteers, they are partners. Partners too are the community members that sponsor anywhere from 1 to 20 children for the summer. We have partners like that, and have had them for all three years we have been doing Got Lunch! Our very first partner was the school district, and they have remained so since day 1. The new superintendent has told us she will be there packing on some Mondays. Maybe she will be packing the same route as our mayor, who is a regular at the Monday morning packings, even during his summer vacation! This past Friday we learned we had a new partner, one we had never known about when a representative from New Hampshire Ball Bearing stopped at the Congregational Church office and not only donated money but 246 jars of peanut butter and jelly. Wow!
There isn't enough space in this newspaper to list all the wonderful partners that we have, but they are not just our partners, they are mentors for our city children. Mentors in that they are ensuring that lack of good nutrition will not be a factor in our children's lives. Every one of us should be proud to call Laconia home, the City by the Lake is truly the city with heart. A caring heart. So, if you find yourself driving behind a slow-moving car in our city mid-morning any Monday during July and August, do not become impatient with them, it may be one of the 24 Got Lunch! delivery folks getting healthy lunches to our kids. Give them the room they need, and become another of our partners.
God Bless Laconia, truly a city with heart,
Got Lunch! Laconia Advisory Board