All that tax revenue has its origin in payrolls & profits of businesses

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To The Daily Sun,
In Saturday's Laconia Daily Sun, Ms. Rudman-Chong chose to respond to my comments about her Citizens United letter by talking trash and doing her best to obfuscate the issue. Too bad she didn't address the facts that I had presented — that there was no Republican advantage from that Supreme Court ruling and, on a head to head basis, President Obama actually raised $250 million more than did Governor Romney.
Seems like liberal/progressives, especially some academicians, simply won't accept the fact that every single tax dollar that goes to fund federal, state, and local governments, including schools and colleges, has its origin in the payrolls and profits of businesses. The left's demonizing of business is absurd in the extreme.
It is nice to read that Ms. Rudman-Chong has found a job for which she appears to be qualified . . . and it helps keep the environment pristine, too.
Bob Meade