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Does Lynn Rudmin Chong tire of patting herself on the back

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To The Daily Sun,
Why is it that left wingers, such as Lynn Chong, want to bring other state's decisions into N.H. politics. First there was Bloomberg's anti-gun group coming into the state in an attempt to degrade Sen. Kelly Ayotte and now Ms. Chong wants us to follow Montana's decision to support an overturn of Citizens United. She goes on to state that Montana is in league with 15 other states that have passed resolutions. Hmm, let me see, 50 minus 15 equals 35. So in Lynn's narrow mind we're supposed to go along with the 30 percent that she agrees with.
Citizens United allows private corporations and companies to inject money into politics to counteract the massive amounts that are injected into same by labor unions through the use of members dues. Oh, that's right, Lynn is now a union member and apparently doesn't like competition. Lynn, elections are now in the hands of all the people and not just the ones you agree with. Keep in mind that some corporations and companies tend to play both sides by giving money to the left and the right.
I'm curious as to how much time Lynn spends at the chiropractor's office as it seems that most every time she sends a letter to The Sun that she informs the readers of something she has done. It used to be standing on the common in Plymouth holding a peace sign, (boy that's a hard sell in Plymouth), sometimes she blesses us with her poetry, (such as it is), and this time she included the fact that she was picking up trash while walking her dog. All of that patting must be hard on her back. I know one shouldn't assume anything but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that every night before retiring she looks in the mirror and says, "what a good girl am I."
Lynn also brought up the fact that Bob Meade always makes note of the fact that she "teaches your children". If it saves one child from having their common sense removed from their cranium and being indoctrinated into the progressive mind set then I say "keep it going Bob!"
Dave Schwotzer