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I'm at los to understand pretzel logic behind arming Syrian rebels

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To The Daily Sun,
Permit me to share an array of thoughts for consideration:
Amidst a growing number of scandals illustrating an unprecedented abuse of executive power, starting with the IRS and now across multiple Executive Branch departments, two Democratic Party operatives have been convicted for fixing the '08 Obama primary in Indiana. Well, like the unexplained murders of Americans in Benghazi, I guess this is old news. We can only guess where the country would be if this important primary had been honestly won. We have also just learned that Walter Reed Hospital military veteran caretakers are being forced to take an eleven day furlough. This decreasing of care to wounded vets is occurring at the same time 70 million in bonuses are being paid to the IRS, and the latest presidential family African vacation invoice now totals about $100 million.
Internationally, as President Obama starts his second unconstitutional participation in an international conflict in our name, we are learning more about our new "allies." No, I am not speaking of the billion dollar F16 and Abram tank foreign aid package delivered to the increasingly antidemocratic, anti-American, and Anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Most recently, our tax dollars are arming Syria's al-Nusra Front — allies of al-Qaida in Iraq. It is imperative to understand that these Islamic terrorists are fighting to replace the Russian-backed malevolent Syrian regime; also an historic exporter of terrorism. It is equally important to understand that these rebels seek a repressive Muslim dictatorship in Syria and elsewhere as preparatory steps to the demise of democracies, foremost of which is the United States.
Recently a video illustrating our misguided tax dollars at work can be seen but the faint of heart may want to skip it and simply know that it portrays activities of the Syria's al-Nusra Front. The man killed by laboriously hacking his head from his body, and the murdered women were most likely supporters of the Assad regime.
I am at a loss to explain the pretzel logic that dictates arming the al-Nusra Front — dedicated enemies of the United States and allies of al-Qaida. Have we somehow forgotten that it is al-Qaida who has declared war on the United States, has attacked our embassies, the Cole, and civilians in our own land? Have we forgotten that al-Qaida and its affiliates seek our absolute destruction? Have we also forgotten that it is al-Qaida that is responsible for the condition of the same veterans at Walter Reed Hospital whose care is now being diminished? I do not understand how supporting participants of such barbarity enhances the international reputation, foreign policy goals, or national security of the United States. I strongly disagree with cutting assistance to our wounded military veterans. The nexus of these behaviors within an administration already mired in multiple growing scandals seems lost upon our President now planning his $100 million African vacation. As President Obama likes to often remind us, these behaviors are not "Who we are."
Yes, an honest Indiana Democratic primary in '08 may have changed so much.
Michael D. Breen Ph.D.