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We haven't the will to act to save our children & grandchildren

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To the editor,
Are our elected officials in Washington guilty of stealing from us, our children and our grandchildren?
Sadly the answer is yes. Our system is broken and I suspect there are many who will agree with me given the deplorably dismal disapproval rating now so richly deserved by our "Do Nothing" Congress!
The members are not even able to produce a national budget to attack the obscene, bloated, ever swelling deficit, let along send a "balanced budget" amendment to the states for certain ratification.
Our children, grandchildren and those yet unborn are doomed to live their lives under the crushing burden of endless "financial indentured servitude" because those we elect have an unquenchable addiction to spending money we don't have, largely in the name of their own re-election.
And given their plush reserved seats on the "Washington Gravy Train" it seems unlikely that we, the long suffering, tax paying populace will hear anything about "term limits" or banning the hidden backdoor sealing perpetuated by "earmarks"!
And how much addressing the fact that getting elected takes too long and costs too much. The candidate should be required to start running on July 4th for a November election and there should be no contribution to any campaign by any person, company or organization, including the candidate.
I'm fortunate enough to have lived for over eighty years in this wonderful miracle we call America. I find it disheartening to think that our country has come to this politically correct crossroads and is apparently doomed not to return because we have not the will to act, save ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
God Bless America!
J. Gibb Brownlie
Center Harbor