Senator Ayotte knows what she's doing, she is on the right track

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To The Daily Sun,
I have seen the recent misleading TV ad's by Billionaire, New York City Mayor Bloomberg against Kelly Ayotte. In addition, Bloomberg is paying for out-of-state protesters to come to her meetings and disrupt them, all because she voted to protect our Second Amendment rights.
Lets set the record straight. Senator Ayotte voted to improve the background check system, address mental health gaps in the criminal justice system, increase prosecutions of violent criminals and boost funding for school security. Senator Ayotte is a former state attorney general who knows how important it is to have laws that work. That's why she supported tough provisions that address our nations pressing problems.
In contrast,Mayor Bloomberg and his protesters are only interested in restricting our Second Amendment rights. Mayor Bloomberg thinks that he can brainwash New Hampshire voters to vote like him.
Don't be hoodwinked by these out of state trouble makers. Kelly does her homework; she is on the right track.
Douglas M. Isleib
Gilmanton Iron Works