We take advice from Mayor Bloomberg because he cares for all

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To The Daily Sun,
First to address Don Ewing's query: "Why Should N.H. take advice from the Mayor of NYC?" (Laconia Daily Sun, June 19). Simple Don, he is correct, been good for NYC and really cares about the lives of all people, including someone like you.
Second to Mr. Earle, in his latest diatribe "Future of 'We The People' is bleak because of wolf in our house". (Laconia Daily Sun, June 19). Where to begin with your misleading statements, inaccuracies and falsehoods concerning President Obama, his administration and federal agencies? Do you really expect us to believe what you write? President Obama was re-elected by a very, very wide margin — six million (give or take) vote difference between he and Mitt Romney. Your gloom and doom of our future is not a realistic picture of what is actually occurring in this country of ours. All valid indicators point toward a recovery of our economy. If the obstructionist on the right would get "out of the way" and stop with their lies which create so much "noise pollution" on the airwaves, this country would be better able to move forward into a future which will be much better for ALL Americans including you.
Bernadette Loesch