Belknap County Democrats pleased with N.H. budget compromise

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To The Daily Sun,
Belknap County Democrats are relieved a budget agreement has been reached in the N.H. Legislature. Much credit goes to the House Democrats' negotiating team for crafting compromises in key areas, especially Medicaid expansion.
The budget also restores critical funding to N.H.'s university system, makes a substantial commitment to the state's mental health care needs as well as investing in economic development and public safety in N.H.
Belknap County Democrats believe Medicaid expansion is critical to the health of N.H. citizens and its economy. The agreed-upon timeline will ensure that N.H. is ready to receive the federal matching funds that will begin to flow into the state in January, 2014.
Tough choices had to be made and important principles were upheld. We credit the conferees, the legislative and agency staffs and the governor's office with a willingness to work late into the night to arrive at a fiscally sound balanced budget to deliver to the House and Senate for a final vote.
Kate Miller, Chair
Belknap Democratic Committee