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Food stamps, no. But money for rich, non-working farmers, yes

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To the editor,
Congressman Stephan Fincher and his family of Tennessee loves the farm bill so much. They are the 7th generation of reciprients of this bill for working and non-working farmers. Some don't even have to grow crops. His family, which needs the money, has gotten over $3.5 million from 1999 to 2012. In 2012, they got a direct payment of $70,000, which might have been not to grow anything but that list is not public. But overall that is $738 per day in farm welfare for 13 years. But he wants more and to do that he will cut the food stamp program to cover costs. After all, the food stamp people get $133 per month and Fincher ($738 per DAY) says that there is no big printing machine in DC for money. It's others people's money DC gets to spend.
Also to help cover these costs, Congress will try to double college loan interest for our future leaders. This can still be stopped before going into effect July 1st.
On the immigration issue of which we all are right? Now we see Kelly Ayotte has signed on with the Gang of Eight. Of couse she has because both John McCain and Lindsey Graham are there. She wants that VP slot w/ Rubio. But Rubio doesn't even like his own immigration bill. Maybe he will filibuster it like Mitchie did his own bill. So now what to do Kelly?
Jon Hoyt