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Future of 'We the People' is bleak because of wolf in our house

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To the editor,
Well another week of hearings in Washington and we now know that the organizer in chief has passed word down from on high to keep they traps shut. Lies and liers rule, no one knows, no one can remember. Well readers, are you really surprised? Here we see an example of complete contempt for law, government and Constitution. What is most troubling is it is not limited to a few individuals or a single agency it has been deeply implanted in every department and agency. The IRS has been co-opted into a political weapon for Obama to use against his critics and opponents, the FBI is used to investigate and "interview" thousands of them. Even OSHA, the Department of Agriculture, BATF, cripes is there even one law abiding agency head with the courage to say "no, that's not legal" anymore. Well silly me of course not Obama was reelected to a second term and has more "flexibility" now.
And what about all those wonderful things Obama promised people, you know, we little people the working class, the elderly and poor? Let's see, price of gas and heating oil doubled, cost of food up, rent up. What about jobs and job improvement possibility's? Not so good really; Walmart, paying minimum wage, is cutting employees to part time as are thousands of other companies due to coming Obamacare regs. Can anyone tell me one thing Obama has done for the people that has made our lives better or easier?
I see where there is near panic in DC among congressional aids and assistants because unless their demand for a special subsidy is granted they will have to live with Obamacare health insurance. That's what they get for passing it first so they could find out what was in it. Seems they just can't live with what they what they decided to shove down our throats so now they want "special treatment." They could repeal the whole thing as a bad idea and bad job in the first place and be done with it but that would leave Obama with near zero to show for his efforts of four plus years.
But for now the future continues to look bleak for "We the People" because we allowed a wolf to come into "our house". This wolf will continue to gnaw and claw away at our rights and liberties, undermine our Constitution and laws in his determination to fundamentally reduce our nation from that shining city on hill into a dismal slum surrounded by a dark bleak swamp of despair. Please America, open your eyes to what is really happening.
Steve Earle