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Why should N.H. take advice from the mayor of NYC?

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To The Daily Sun,
Have you seen N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg's recent anti-gun ad? It features a guy in a gold braid and medal covered uniform who looks like a general in some dictator's army.
The guy telling New Hampshire what to do about guns is a Minnesota police chief. Minnesota has nearly twice as many murders and about 50 percent more violent crimes per 100,000 residents as N.H. In 2009 and 2010 New Hampshire had the lowest murder rate of all 50 states and was tied for second in 2011. We'd all like a safer N.H., but advice from more violent states should be considered skeptically.
Mayor Bloomberg is rich; he thinks he is so indispensable that New York City's two term limit shouldn't apply to him and that he should "bless" everyone with his "expertise" about guns.
New York City's murder rate is 6.6 times the New Hampshire murder rate. Its people suffer from other violent crimes at about 3.5 times the New Hampshire rate. Why should New Hampshire take advice from the mayor of such a violent city? That would be like an Olympic champion totally changing his technique based on suggestions from a competitor at the back of the pack.
Perhaps part of New York City's high crime problem is because its mayor spends so much time sticking his nose into everyone else's business. Frankly, if Mayor Bloomberg looks at New Hampshire, it should be to copy us.
Don Ewing