Belmont & Daily Sun have treated the McDonoughs unfairly

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To The Daily Sun,
Re:William and Carolyn McDonough article about the Town of Belmont:
We are local residents and are upset to see the front page article criticizing the McDonoughs. The McDonoughs are wonderful people and in this situation were victims of the town. The building they owned is only valuable as a commercial rental space due to its direct road front gate off Main Street. The article was misleading and did not show any sympathy for the McDonoughs and the harm that they have suffered.
The McDonough family has given jobs to many local residents over the years and they should not be harmed by the town and the newspaper in this way. We have learned that the court actually invited the McDonoughs to file the case under a state law that directly supports them. Your article did not mention that and we do not see that you even contacted the McDonoughs for comment.
We are unhappy to see such unfair treatment to our fellow citizens.
Doug & Elaine Kidd