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Local post offices being used by wind turbine developers

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To The Daily Sun,
An anti-wind farm campaigner yesterday stated that she believes the Newfound Lake region is involved in what she described as "a propaganda war." She felt strongly that local school children and the Post Office should not be used in a propaganda war. Her stance has been echoed by many members at New Hampshire Wind Watch.
Wind developers have been extremely clever in their efforts to subliminally change local influence. It's a very clever PR campaign. You have to admire them for that. Holding educational classes during school hours and brainwashing young children on the benefits of wind energy was clever — but what was even more clever was how developers were able to use the Post Office to stamp an ink imprint of a wind turbine on mailings was brilliant.
Youngsters and the Post Office can now be added to the list of deceptive tactics. Being "brainwashed" at school or being "brainwashed" at home reading your mail is all part of their strategy to gain local acceptance.
What's next — having children or the Post Office selling plaques and naming rights for each turbine? This is getting crazy.
Add to the list a local college receiving special funds, some local businesses being put on retainers and a few Colorado residents coming here to work for the summer on the turbines... and you start to see their recipe of propaganda. It's funny when you have the wife of a Colorado worker — here for the summer and for her first time — making fun of us for not being in favor of wind turbines. Par for the course...
Call it what you will — a "Propaganda War" or an "Invasion" — it doesn't matter. What does matter is your voice and your vote... you can stop them in a united fight.
Start being vocal and protect the very reason why you live here or vacation here!
Ray Cunningham