Please consider financial support for Laconia's Multicultural Festival

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To the editor,
A little over a month from now, Downtown Laconia will come alive with the 12th Annual Multicultural Festival. This is such a great event but, like many events, it takes a village to pull it off successfully. I hope many businesses and individuals that have not yet stepped up consider a sponsorship or donation to help defray costs.
Each year the organizers strive for the best in entertainment in Rotary Park that reflects authentic cultural music and performance, along with ethnic food and crafts. The costs for this entertainment, along with such things as publicity, an infrastructure of tents, a top sound system, a live exotic zoo, and printed programs for the day require a substantial operating budget.
There are many opportunities for individuals, groups, teams, and clubs to volunteer for just a few hours before or on the day of the event. More importantly, I hope everyone marks their calendars for Saturday, August 3rd as we celebrate our cultural diversity and come together as a vibrant community! Check out some great pictures on the new Facebook page "Laconia Multicultural Festival" or visit for sponsorship and volunteer forms.
Debbie Frawley Drake