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Incessant talk of threats to our safety does not have legitimacy

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To The Daily Sun,
I believe this country is being strangled and suffocated, it's economy robbed and it's citizens duped by the so-called "war on terror"! Our reputed enemies consist of foot soldiers, insurgents, and other entities that have always existed in various countries around the world. They have no armies or air power: they have no weaponry to export — potentially causing serious harm to American citizens. Since 9/11 there has not been one casualty in this country attributed to foreign terrorists (the marathon bombers were American citizens.) If the military remains in several middle-eastern countries for the next hundred years, there would always be an enemy to kill.
The "war on terror" is, in effect, an industry. In order to exist it must perpetuate it's own reasons to see the United States in peril, even if in fact, there is no credible danger whatsoever. We have a Defense Department, suggesting we are "on-the-run"! The truth is we are the strongest military force the world has ever known. Can you imagine the mouse chasing the elephant? In addition, we spend hundreds of billions on surveillance. There is nothing going on in the world that we don't know about.
Again, it is demonstrated that the incessant talk of threats to our safety do not have any legitimacy, even if it's backed by continue harassment through the news media and elsewhere. Our dedicated and honorable soldiers have no responsibility in policy decisions by the military.
We have serious problems here at home. Our commitment to protect other countries from domestic harm needs to end. We have had more violence and death here on our city streets than we can handle, let alone someone else's problems. Turn your eyes inward and work to make this country, once again, respected and admired around the world! (Not a nation to be feared!)
Leon R. Albushies