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Medicaid hikes health care usage & costs without better results

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To The Daily Sun,
Every adult should realize that few things are as expensive as "free" federal government programs. Nevertheless, special interest groups and politicians with an agenda are claiming that the Medicaid expansion program is "free" because the feds pay 100 percent for three years, then 90 percent until 2020. After that, of course, New Hampshire taxpayers will have to come up with at least $50 million annually.
Something isn't free when the federal government pays for it, the money still comes from taxpayers. Even if you don't pay taxes, government causes price inflation, which hurts everyone, and low returns for people depending on bond income.
If the people of N.H. wanted something like the Medicaid expansion, why haven't they demanded it from their N.H. legislators? (We could deliver it more inexpensively, tailored for N.H., and without federal government overhead and requirements.) But not even the Democrats, who now want this more expensive Medicaid expansion, passed such a program when they controlled the N.H. Legislature and the governorship. The Medicaid expansion program is just a way to bribe states into enacting expensive programs wanted by Washington and special interest groups but not by the citizens.
Every government program is particularly expensive for New Hampshire citizens as our state receives back from the federal government a smaller percent of our tax dollars than 46 other states. This means that New Hampshire taxpayers subsidize the taxpayers of 46 other states for each such program. (Thus N.H. Senators and Congressmen should oppose every program that states or citizens could do for themselves or is not essential.)
Medicaid provides insurance and higher costs, but not better medical outcomes. The Oregon Medicaid study shows that Medicaid increases costs and health care usage, but patient health care results overall are no better than mixed compared to no insurance. A Virginia Medicaid study shows cancer patients without insurance survive at a greater rate than those with Medicaid. Many doctors won't accept Medicaid patients; some would rather treat them for free!
Thankfully, Republicans in the N.H. Senate didn't approve the Medicaid Expansion requested by Governor Hassan, the Democrat-controlled N.H. House, and special interest groups. N.H. doesn't need to implement a costly federal version of a program that we could have implemented for ourselves had our legislators felt the need. And, N.H. certainly doesn't need to implement an expensive program that doesn't improve its citizens' medical results.
Don Ewing