Expanding Medicaid will extend coverage to 55k N.H. working poor

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To the editor,
It is clear to me after reading about the recent rallies supporting Medicaid expansion in Concord, Claremont, Portsmouth and Plymouth that the public knows that refusing federal dollars to broaden access to health care in N.H. is wrong. Medicaid expansion will allow us to offer health care coverage to over 55,000 working poor who have no access to care now.
New Hampshire has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage $2.5 billion in federal dollars over the next 7 years — funds that will help reduce uncompensated care at hospitals and community mental health centers; provide health care coverage to the working poor; and increase health-related employment. It makes no sense to turn this down.
Legislators need to put aside their partisan bickering and listen. Expanding Medicaid just makes sense. Please contact your legislators as they prepare the final version of the state budget and tell them it must include Medicaid expansion.
Liz Merry
Board of Directors, Genesis Behavioral Health
Board of Trustees, LRGHealthcare