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Bernadette left a few titles out of her list of suggested reading

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To the editor,
In a recent letter to the Sun, Bernadette Loesch wanted us to do our homework and read,watch and study many left wing socialist propoganda books and movies that she has read and watched most. I am sure she means well. Good for her!
Now let's look at the rest of the story and see if she is willing to continue HER home work. I am familiar with all of what she presented. What I am most displeased with is her lack of including the greatest book of all time, "The Bible". Or one of the most important documents ever written, "The Constitution of the United States of America." It really is not a surprise.
I include in the following lists what she left out and all Socialists revere, "The Communist Manifesto" (Marx and Engels) and surprise "Mein Kampf" (Hitler). Seems a close look at where we are heading matches up with both of those books.
The following list is really not for her as I doubt she would be that open minded but rather for others that may be interested in the rest of the story and just scratching the surface.
I recommend all of them for study.
As I mentioned earlier all should read "The Communist Manifesto'', (Marx and Engels)
"Behind the Green Mask" (Rosa Koire) – All about UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Developement Initiative and the core of Granite State Futures.
"Broke" – A kind of text book and history of how Socialist Democrats got us into the mess we are in, starting with the "Roman Senate.'' (Glenn Beck)
"Common Sense" – Government out of control. Includes Common Sense by Thomas Paine(Glenn Beck).
"Control" – A complete look at gun control. (Glenn Beck).
"1984" – A novel by George Orwell looking to the future under a type complete Socialist/Communist state.
"Agenda 21" – The same result as "1984", with a chapter on what UN Agenda 21 is all about. (Glenn Beck).
"Demonic" – Chapters on psychology of liberals, historic context of liberals, comparison of the French and American revolutions and why would anyone want to be a liberal. ( Ann Coulter).
"Godless" – The liberal rejection of God and how they revile people of faith. And chapters on evolution. (Coulter).
"Treason" – Excellent chapters on McCarthyism and Communists in government, the Venona Project and the "Pumpkin Papers" ( Coulter).
"Mugged" – Racial demagoguery from the seventies to Obama. A history of Republican civil rights efforts when Democrats turned their backs including the "Southern Manifesto". (Coulter)
"Radical in Chief" – My favorite book this last year next to "Green Mask". A history of Obama from his years in college, his organizing and his "friends" in Chicago. His real socialist goal of destroying the American economy and what he means by "fundamentally transforming America". His definite Marxist beliefs. His history with terrorist Ayers and Dornan, his ties with radical preacher Wright, possible real father Davis, Acorn and much more. (Stanley Kurtz)
"Economics" – A common sense guide to the economy. Rated 4 1/2 of 5 stars. ( Thomas Sowell)
"Atlas Shrugged" (Aynn Rand) – Socialism gone wild. Who is John Gault fame.
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" – by Thomas Woods, Jr., Ph.D. Part of a series with numerous subjects by Regnery Publishing.
Any books by;
Charles Krauthamer, Mark Levine, Walter Williams, Brent Bozell, Mark Steyn, Bill O'Reilly, Shaun Hannity and many others too numerous to mention.
"The Ten Commandments" – Inspirational.
"Atlas Shrugged 1"
"Atlas Shrugged 2" – Both from the book.
"The Fountain Head" – From the book by Aynn Rand. Academy Award winner about an architect and his battle with government.
"Dreams of my REAL Father" – Insights that you will not see any where else. The flip side of "Dreams" by Obama if he actually wrote it.
''2016 Obama's America" – More on his friends and his agenda to change America.
"Farenheight 451" – from the book by Ray Bradbury. About life where books are banned. Kind of like Agenda 21 on steriods. It can be viewed on Amazon instant video.
I agree with her on Lincoln and Shindlers list.
That should keep Bernadette busy this summer as well as any one else interested in the other side.
Hal & Peggy Graham