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N.H. casino owner would take profits away to another state

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To the editor,
"Government is instituted to provide services to its citizens." This statement by two elected state officials is quite extraordinary, the two apparently haven't read the New Hampshire Constitution or the history of its people. The government of N.H. was instituted first and foremost to protect the rights of the citizens and its Constitution written to protect the citizen from its government. Written 230+ years ago — read it.
As far as chicken charading, perhaps the state officials ought to copyright the idea, sell it, give the income to the state services they are so concerned about. Charades is a word guessing game. The form most played today is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party. Charading is an app one can purchase at an Apple Store. Chicken charading might possibly be some sort of slander indicating one might give an indication of what one wants and then run from and or hide before they either have finished giving their clue or before the other party has stated their guess.
"On purely partisan grounds", a phrase often used by Democrats when non-Democrats aren't being submissive, is never heard from them when they're in control and ignore the same non-Democrats. Or to indicate they and not the other party have passed a bill meant to help the "people" — not necessarily the taxpayer.
Something every state and voting taxpayer needs to wake up to is that there is no such thing as government revenue, especially federal revenue. The government doesn't earn money, and the federal government doesn't print money, it's only authorized to coin money. It's the non government entity referred to as the Federal Reserve which prints and circulates paper money. They have in the last three years printed $2 trillion and are purchasing upwards of $85 billion of U.S. debt every month. So when we are told that the Republicans of the state are "passing up an infusion of billions of dollars" it is really being said that they refuse an illusion.
As far as the casinos go, those running and establishing the casinos will retrieve all building/operational cost, state and local taxes and fees, which will be in the billions, and then take the profits out of state. Does N.H. actually have that kind of money to dispose of? Perhaps the state liquor stores ought to be extended to build and operate casinos? At least the money would stay in state.
G.W. Brooks