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Chortling or not, I’m still waiting for explanation of Medicare vote

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To the editor,
Today I read the Letter to the Editor that Rep. Dick Burchell of Gilmanton wrote in response to a letter I wrote a day earlier where I pointed out that he, and Representatives Worsman, Sylvia, and Cormier all voted not to accept Medicare dollars from the federal government, which allows the Belknap County Nursing home to provide short term rehabilitative services for those senior residents of Belknap County.
The program will cost an estimated $200,000 but is offset by revenue/reimbursement of $414,044 that Medicare will give the county.
Rep. Burchell spent his time writing a response to me where he said it was "unsophisticated and rude for me to chortle over someone else's opinion", rather than using the time and space in the paper for him to explain to the residents of Belknap County why he did not support this appropriation, which covers speech therapy, along with medications, testing, and x-rays to those in Belknap County who need these short term services with absolutely no cost to the taxpayers in Belknap County.
Rep. Burchell: regarding my questioning of yours and the other three reps who voted no, I'd like to remind you that I and every citizen have the right to question and even chortle if we choose. But I wasn't chortling at your vote; I disagreed with it because it lacked key elements of good governance, which includes not only participation but transparency, responsibility, accountability, and its responsiveness to the needs of its people.
Paula Trombi