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The more people running for mayor, the better Laconia will be

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To the editor,
Wednesday was the first day to put forth your name for a seat on the City Council, Mayor, School Board or one seat on the Police Commission. It is a simple process. You go to City Clerk's Office and merely sign your name to permission slip to run for office. This process will extend until next Friday, June 14th, 2013.
As of Thursday morning, four persons have chosen to do so.
I would ask that anyone out there who cares about their city and has some time to give to it, go to City Hall and sign up. The desire to do something for your city is all that is needed. You will have a learning process, that's true, but if the desire is there, and you put in the time, you will find it the most rewarding time and while serving the people, you will learn much and find much satisfaction.
Many people go into the system thinking they can do better and make changes they want just by getting in. It's funny, I thought the same thing, but when you arrive on the scene, you have a lot to learn about the past, what things are in the system, what is lying ahead, understanding the reasons for decisions we didn't understand before we got on board, and considering what the taxpayer wants ahead of your own personal wishes. You will get to know and appreciate every city department head and their workforce. You can't do it without their help and it is always there.
The willingness and ability to see the other side and take into account what the voters want should be a councilor's motivating force.
It has been the best eight years of my life working for the City of Laconia and I want to do one last term to finish up projects most all of this council have been working on for those eight years.
What remains as most important is to do what we can to keep the downtown revitalization forging ahead. A place for the tourists and locals to come and find those things they want and activities they can enjoy. Vital to our economy.
Along with things vital to our tourism business is the protection of our Lakes and we must be setting aside more reserve funds for cleaning up milfoil and other bacteria. If the public finds our beaches are not safe, or the lakes are infested with milfoil, we will lose vital tourism business.
I want to be here to see the success of mandatory recycling. I want to continue to present opposition to unnecessary spending.
Competition is great. Don't back off from signing up because several people are running. The more that run the better. There will be different ideas, different kinds of people, and the more on the ballot, the more interest the public will have in getting out to vote. The local elections have a very poor turnout, sometimes due to lack of sufficient candidates. But, you must do your homework and know what each candidate is about and what their agenda is. Change can be good, but sometimes it isn't.
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia