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Reading list was thin on facts – here’s some real homework

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To the editor,
Bernadette Loesch's cavalier demand that people do their homework before putting pen to paper is, to say the least, very telling. Someone got under her skin with FACTS. In truth, her list of books is far from balance reading. That line up is (mostly) socialist/liberal/communist propaganda 101 type books. Ms. Loesh, herself, has some (one heck of a lot of) homework to do if she walks her talk.
Balanced reading; you cannot get more balanced than both sides of an argument — REAL American historical writings — THE FEDERALIST PAPERS and THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS, written during the founding era of this nation by various notable gentlemen, and as valid today as they were then. When you have gotten done with those, move on to books written by Cleon Skousen: THE MAKING OF AMERICA: THE SUBSTANCE AND MEANING OF THE CONSTITUTION, THE NAKED COMMUNIST, THE NAKED SOCIALIST, THE NAKED CAPITALIST, and THE 5000 YEAR LEAP. That short list is but the tip of the iceberg — IF you are serious about your resources and getting FACTS before putting pen to paper. THE SHADOWS OF POWER: THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE AMERICAN DECLINE by James Perloff will go a very long way to helping you understand just what has happened and is happening to our society. A very good companion book which will make the economic aspects make sense is THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A SECOND LOOK AT THE FEDERAL RESERVE by G. Edward Griffin.
As for the movie list: nothing out of Hollywood is fact. No, "Bowling for Columbine" is NOT a documentary, no matter how you spin it. While there may be fragments of truth in Hollywood flicks, they tend to be very thin on FACTS.
If you need to watch some movies, I highly recommend the following list: "Innocents Betrayed", "Monumental", "180, A Physician's Solution to Health Care and The Gang". You will find more facts in this short list than in the entire collection of Hollywood movies provided by Ms. Loesch.
So, Ms. Loesch, before you go demanding that others "do their homework", maybe you should be doing yours? It might lend some credence to your discourses.
A.C.R. Piper