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The worst part of a government will be its tax collecting agents

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To the editor,
After the last few letters I've written to the editor, I look back and wonder if readers might think I'm getting a bit over excited. Well no, I don't think so but still I might explain to readers that first of all I don't trust politicians or the government. I don't trust Republicans or Democrats, or libertarians or — you name them. Sure it's a matter of degrees over which I think are better or worse but overall you can only trust them so long as they are in your sight but watch out anyway, their tricky.
The worst part about governments are their taxing agents. In our case it's the IRS and I don't know anyone of any party, anywhere who likes the IRS. Mostly we fear them because of their near God-like powers to make our lives a misery, to destroy us, take away our liberty, homes, money just anything. Sure they are a necessity, all governments need to be funded, and our IRS is supposed to be independent of political influence and pressure but now we see how easily it was for that to change. Whether readers like or dislike the Tea Party, conservatives, or groups that support Israel, it should send a cold shiver up your back to know it might be your turn next if you find yourself disagreeing with current or future administrations. Local democrats have for many years been advocating for an income tax here in New Hampshire. The object lesson coming out of DC might and should give citizens of the Granite State second thoughts on that concept. The idea that it can't happen here is just silly.
I do hope that some good will come from this abuse of power and that people all across the country can finally find some common ground and demand that those in Washington we elected to do our bidding are forced by a groundswell of righteous anger and outrage to finally truly reform our national tax system. A good start would be a federal flat income tax. No exceptions, no deductions just a simple, straight, low percentage tax. That way every citizen has a stake in the game and no one can be singled out, persecuted or harassed by politicians or political parties.
Just saying. Something must be done and this is the time.
Steve Earle