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Liberal aims are often cloaked in pleasant-sounding schemes

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To the editor,
While finishing up my studies on Constitutional History of the U.S. at a University in Cedar City, Utah I had the opportunity and privilege to stay with the university provost and his family. This afforded me a rare opportunity to get his attention and spend hours in conversations over the dilemma we are facing in this country. One evening the topic centered upon constitutional usurpation and tyranny. During one of those discussions Dr. Groft shared with me an occurrence that had happened a few years before.
There had been a farmer who accidentally killed a gopher by running over it with his tractor. It cost him thousands of dollars in fines. It seemed that this non-native species was somehow protected and the federal bureaucracy was going to use him as an example. We discussed this for some time, until the Dr. stated "Lets go for a ride".
The ride was a short one. Taking only a few minutes. He stopped the car near a large brick building. He asked "Do you have any idea what this building is?" Of course my response was " No". "It's a federal building connected to the Department of Interior" was his response. He shared with me how this all came about. Late one night the city was awakened to the sound of tractor-trailer trucks coming through the city. Then the sounds of heavy equipment working. Those who saw the trucks and equipment stated that there was no markings on any vehicle. The federal plot thickens as I was informed that up until that time a colony of gophers had lived there. This was during the Clinton era when socialism and tyranny took a few giant steps forward. Sound familiar?
So what is happening in Cedar City, Utah now? More of the same.
Today property owners' land is being confiscated by the federal government for the use of the same gopher they plowed under during the Clinton years. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is blocking construction or development in anyway that might harass the poor rodent. You cannot be any more intimidating than bulldozing.
Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Jonathan Wood states that Cedar City is under siege. "The town is inundated with prairie dogs that are leaving parks, gardens, vacant lots, and even the local cemetery pockmarked with burrows and tunnels. Development projects are blocked by federal prairie dog protections. And public health is imperiled because prairie dogs-which are rodents, after all and can be carriers of diseases".
The federal government uses the Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8) to block owners and state from using their property. Somewhere in time the courts found they could use the Commerce Clause and General Welfare Clause and change its meaning to push their socialist agenda. We may soon see the little rodents at the local super market with their EBT card.
Surely if wind farms can literally hack to pieces thousands of federally protected birds with impunity then why is harassing a gopher a federal crime? Where is the justice for eagles and hawks who claimed territory that wind farms destroy?
There may be more to it than what appears on the surface. Agenda 21 is a communist plot created by the United Nations. And favored by like-thinking presidents who use executive orders to stealthily ease us into a world government plot that controls all resources, land, people and even the air we breath. Bill Clinton was infamous for this tactic.
Is communism creeping into your town by stealth? Code words have been used by sneaky liberals for decades. Do these words sound familiar? Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Wildlands Project, Regional Visioning Projects, Going Green, Regional Planning, Historic Planning, Growth Management, Conservation Easement, Facilitators, Green Building Codes, Sustainable Farming, Consensus. These words are constantly in flux as Americans catch on to the communist agenda.
D.I.C.E.D. the Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development is the United Nations covenant for global government. The first version was submitted to the U.N. in 1995 during its 50th anniversary. A fourth version was submitted on September 22,2010.
There are 79 articles and 242 pages. U.N. agenda 21 transform them into Global Law. Article 51 states we must pay 0.7 percent of GDP for official development assistance. Article 69 deals with settlements of disputes by Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice.
Agenda 21 is not about safeguarding the environment, it is about control. George Soros, Ford Foundation, World Bank, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, E.P.A. and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation are funding and pushing the implementation of this global authoritarianism. Federal agencies are working to do the same.
When a liberal speaks, listen closely. Then compare his rhetoric with other tyrants like, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, and Stalin. They cloak their aims with pleasant sounding schemes. They are designed to ensnare the masses. Creating a yoke of bondage.
Gene F. Danforth