A few Belknap County reps could stand to repeat 4th grade math

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To the editor,
It's Monday night, June 3rd and I just got home from the Belknap County Delegation meeting where they took a vote on whether or not the Belknap County Nursing home should accept revenue of $414,044 from the Federal Government for offering short term care to Medicare patients at a cost of $200,000.
It's like me offering anyone reading this letter $20 for every $10 they give me...what would you do? Take the deal right? Well, believe it or not, not all the Belknap County reps did. If your State Representative is Colette Worsman, who represents Meredith and Gilford, or Mike Sylvia who represents Belmont, or Dick Burchell who represents Alton and Gilmanton, or Jane Cormier representing Alton, THEY ALL VOTED NO. You have to ask yourself? Why wouldn't they? I don't know the answer to that but please be sure to contact them and get their answer.
Just to be sure my math was correct, I called my 4th grade grandson and asked him; If you gave me $200,000 and I gave you back $414,044 would you do that and he said," Absolutely." So what does this 4th grader know that these four reps don't?
Paula Trombi