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I’m shocked – shocked! – that Obama broke modified foods pledge

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To the editor,
Is George Maloof of Plymouth a comedian? His letter on Friday (May 31) in The Laconia Daily Sun made me laugh. Was he was trying to be funny? If not, he is blinded by partisanship or ignorance or both.
He called the "Monsanto Protection Act" (which he opposes), which is part of the March 2013 Continuing Resolution (CR), a Republican victory. The "Monsanto Protection Act" (which relates to genetically modified foods) was put in the CR by Democrat Senator Mikulski. The CR passed the Democrat controlled Senate with support from every voting Democrat except one and was opposed by most Republican Senators including Senator Ayotte.
The CR passed the House of Representatives with the support of the vast majority of Democrats including Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter. Then the bill was signed into law by President Obama (Democrat).
A proposal by Senator Merkley (D-OR) to repeal the "Monsanto Protection Act" has been blocked by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Some people are alleging that the FDA and USDA routinely approve foods based on shoddy industry-generated studies on the safety of genetically modified foods. The FDA and the USDA are controlled by President Obama (Democrat).
Maloof also complains that President Obama failed to keep his promise on labeling genetically modified foods. I would say that I am shocked except that President Obama has failed to keep almost every promise he made as a candidate or as president except the promise to increase energy costs (Why couldn't he be consistent and break that one too?).
In summary, the "Monsanto Protection Act" was inserted by a Democrat Senator into legislation supported by every voting Democrat senator except one and opposed by a vast majority of Republican senators. The bill passed the House with support from most Democrats and was signed into law by a Democrat president whose agencies apparently don't care if we eat bad food. The proposal to repeal the "Monsanto Protection Act" has been blocked by the Democrat-controlled Senate. The logic in Maloof's blaming Republicans for this amuses and escapes me although I have seen similar logic in other letters from liberal authors.
I don't know enough about genetically modified foods to say whether the "Monsanto Protection Act" is good or bad. However, there is evidence for believing that Maloof is right that it is bad. You can be pretty certain that when Senator Ayotte opposes something that most Democrats, including Senator Shaheen, Congresswomen Shea-Porter and Kuster, and President Obama want, it is most likely bad for Americans.
Don Ewing