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Charged with drug crime, yet released to care for elderly mother?

To the editor,
I was appalled to read in Saturday's Laconia Sun that Steven Simoneau, who was arrested on Thursday for manufacturing methamphetamine, was released from jail to care for his "elderly, unwell mother". So this is how we care for and protect our vulnerable senior citizens? This same scenario would never happen if a child was involved — "unwell" or not! I have never heard of a person who has been arrested on a drug charge being released from jail to care for his or her children. It would not happen and it should not happen. Children need to be protected. Nor should it happen to this woman, who by all accounts needs to be cared for and protected.
Are there no safeguards in place to ensure her well-being and allow him to remain in jail, where he should be? Was this the best plan that our public officials could come up with? Please! There must be a better way! If you are as concerned about this as I am, please contact your local legislator.
Nancy Bacon
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