Please help with the buying of AC units for needy Tilton seniors

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To the editor,
Just about four years ago, we started a program with the Tilton seniors to get them the necessary air conditioning for their apartments. As you might remember, the New Franklin Apartments are limited to what they can have for units and are forced to use the floor model air conditioning because of an egress issue with the Fire Department. We were so blessed when the community and Lowe's rallied together and purchased several units to help keep our seniors cool during the summer. This year we find we have more requests than air conditioners and need your help. We could use two or three more air conditioners at a cost of about $290 each. We install them into their homes and then pick them up in September and stored them at Town Hall. We only install air conditioning to those that have letters of necessity from their doctors.
If you feel you could help us out, you can send whatever you can to Town of Tilton and put a note on it for Senior Air Conditioning or you can call me at 387-5711 and I will come pick up your donation.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Pat Consentino, Selectman
Town of Tilton