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God is still in control & we'll have to wait to see how it plays out

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To the editor,
To L.J. Siden and Henry Osmer:
I will not carry on anymore discussion regarding our present government.
I am a simple person, not pursuing intellectual acumen as is obvious you both have. I do respect your point of view and would never undermine or discredit you, your intellect or person. I tend to have just plain common sense. Street sense if you will. I do respect your liberal point of view. I've heard them all before. What a wonderful country we are fortunate to be born in, the United States of America where we do have the liberties to express opposite points of view. Hopefully our freedoms to do so will continue. Freedom is what we have and what we pursue for others.
I once heard an interview on TV quite a few years ago in which Dwight Eisenhower's grandson, the interviewee, discusses the two points of view then, as is presently. I will never forget what the grandson said, and I paraphrase; Argument and discussion regarding our differences will never win the day. Events that happen to us always do.
I agree with you Mr. Siden, "we will survive this administration and the administrations to follow". Truth will prevail and the two parties will contribute to it. God is still in control. And we will wait to see how the events unroll. That will be the convincing solution to our dialogue. May God bless you both and the USA.
Florence Shealy