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Senator Forrester: Live Free Or Die shouldn't be death sentence

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To the editor,
My Senate District 2 Senator Jeanie Forrester is holding back on doing the right thing for her constituents — two instances. She is among those who refuse to consider House-passed resolutions, especially crucial in this time-frame: HCR-2. The Citizens United decision by our U.S. Supreme Court in early 2010, allowing corporations to be "people" with constitutional rights (spending big money in our elections is "free speech" in this case), must be fixed. The only solution now is a constitutional amendment, the topic in HCR-2. The N.H. Senate must either consider HCR-2 or individually sign the letter to our congressional delegation, same subject. Next year is a congressional election year, including a U.S. Senate seat for us. Please, Senator Forrester, no more unlimited bombing of our TV and air waves, dismal mail in our boxes. Confusion and near-slander result. Sign the letter or let HCR-2 get N.H. Senate consideration.
As for accepting the federal government's expanded Medicaid funds — do it, Senator Forrester. 58,000 more of New Hampshire's poorest would reap the benefits of health care coverage, $2.5 billion over the next seven years. People with good income and health coverage are knocked low by illness or injury. Harder still is this on those with $15,000 per year or less income, who put off care until the situation is dire. Live free or die shouldn't be the death sentence that it is when you, Senator Forrester, sit with the forces that stop Medicaid expansion.
Lynn Rudmin Chong