You know & I know that corporations are not people; let's stand up

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To the editor,
Are corporations people? Why should we live with a mistake made many years ago in California. You know and I know that corporations are not people and do not deserve the same rights as people. It we continue to give corporations the same rights as people have, it will in the long run be the downfall of our democracy.
In the past outside groups have spent large sums on state races. Why should out-of-state groups be spending more than five times what the candidates spent on themselves? Much of that funding came from "corporate groups".
At this point New Hampshire is the only New England state that has not called for an amendment on this matter. It's time for our legislature to act positively. Do the will of the residents of N.H. It's a bipartisan will, with Republicans, Democrats and independents asking for action.
Larry Spencer