I'm disappointed you didn't recognize classic Red Sox victory

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To the editor,
My brother and I own the cottage and the boathouse that you have so nicely displayed on the front page of The Laconia Daily Sun newspaper (Thursday, May 30). A few summers ago, my Red Sox loving husband, brother, father and friends convinced me to paint the boat house to resemble the Green Monster. My husband spent days deciding what game to put up on the scoreboard. It disappoints me that you did not recognize the specific
game I painted on the board. It is one for the history books. The Red Sox played the New York Yankees on July 24, 2004 and this was the game with the bench clearing brawl between Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez. We may have a made a few errors, but ultimately we won with a walk off home run by from Bill Mueller of off Mariano Rivera — it was a great day!
Sarah Thomas
Burlington, Vermont